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CABEI participates in the V Annual Meeting of the Regional Integrated Framework for Protection and Solutions MIRPS

CABEI is now a full member of the MIRPS Support Platform.

Tegucigalpa, December 13th, 2022.- CABEI recently became a full member of the Regional Integrated Framework for Protection and Solutions Support Platform (MIRPS) with the objective of exploring support opportunities for displaced persons, refugees and returned migrants in areas related to social and economic inclusion and integration, health, education, employment generation and livelihoods, among others, for CABEI member countries.

The MIRPS is a concrete implementation of the Global Compact on Refugees, which fosters regional cooperation between countries of origin, transit and destination to provide a better integrated response in terms of prevention, protection and durable solutions. It also includes a participatory approach by directly involving people in need of protection and populations affected by violence and insecurity. On the other hand, it integrates regional and international organizations, as well as cooperating member states of the MIRPS Support Platform, committed to the humanitarian and development agenda.

"Adherence to the platform is framed by several aspects of the 2020-2024 Institutional Strategy. In the context of the region, CABEI's strategic proposal recognizes that migration, as well as the forced displacement of people, is a problem faced by all countries in the region and indicates that enormous challenges persist in this area that inhibit economic growth. In addition, the Strategy's actions include promoting initiatives to improve sustainable competitiveness, specifically in "accompanying the different partners in the design and implementation of actions that mitigate the causes of the displacement of people and promote the insertion of migrants into the regional economy," said CABEI Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi.

The purpose of the meeting was to analyze the progress of the MIRPS at the global level, mainly in relation to coordination with the Support Platform, the visibility of the region's situation in international forums, and the generation of alliances with cooperation and development actors and other strategic partners at the regional level, such as the United Nations System, civil society and the private sector.

CABEI, in order to contribute to reducing migratory flows, has identified two operations that may be partially financed: 1). The Program for Economic Reactivation through MSMEs in the Crisis and Post Crisis COVID-19 in the Republic of Honduras, which consists of providing financial resources to MSMEs to sustain jobs and economic reactivation, as well as the creation of a guarantee fund to facilitate access to such credits; 2). The project "Financing of measures implemented as a result of the COVID-19 emergency" in the Republic of El Salvador, which will enable the granting of a monetary compensation bonus to persons without labor ties or any permanent income and who have been affected by the pandemic.