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Modernization of La Ceiba Port through Waterfront Development

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Project details

  • Beneficiary country(s): Honduras
  • Sector: Mobility for cargo and transportation
  • Year: 2021
  • Beneficiary Executing Agency:

    National Port Company and the Municipality of La Ceiba

Project information


In line with Central America's regional strategy to position itself as a world-class logistics hub by 2030, Honduras has recently accelerated its national efforts to become the region's logistics hub. Capitalizing on its strategic geographic location in the Caribbean Sea, Honduras has developed major road, air, and maritime infrastructure projects, prioritizing the construction of nine logistics corridors that connect the national territory with the rest of Central America.

Main Objective:

Provide a roadmap for the redevelopment of La Ceiba Port and its hinterlands that highlights connectivity between the waterfront and urban areas, focused investment in port infrastructural development, and facilitation of commerce and businesses while maintaining ecosystem for tourism.

Expected Result:

The identification of local demands and investment opportunities for the redevelopment of La Ceiba Port to inform the Municipality of La Ceiba of a viable framework for transforming the waterfront of La Ceiba port into a commercial, industrial, residential, and recreational hub through infrastructure modernization and development.