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Modernization of the Guluchapa Water Supply System in San Salvador through dedicated Photovoltaic (PV) generation and Integrated Water Resource Management

Project details

  • Beneficiary country(s): El Salvador
  • Sector: Water and sanitation
  • Year: 2022
  • Beneficiary Executing Agency:

    ANDA, National Administration of Aqueducts and Sewers

Project information


Climate change has increased the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, resulting in unpredictable water availability, exacerbating water scarcity and contamination, which directly impact the quantity and quality of water for the population. For instance, floods can increase the presence of pollutants or sediments in water, decreasing its quality, while droughts can affect groundwater levels, diminishing the amount of drinking water. El Salvador also faces several water-related environmental challenges. El Niño weather event has resulted in water scarcity in the country, leaving hundreds of thousands without access to safe drinking water causing dehydration and malnutrition. It

General Objective

Support the Government of El Salvador (GOES) with the modernization of the Guluchapa water supply system (WSS) and its infrastructure, developing an independent energy generation plant, and leveraging information and communication technologies (ICT) to monitor and control the processes to enhance their operational efficiency and mitigate water loss.

Expected Results

Through this project, the management of diagnosis and modernization of critical infrastructures of water resources will be supported to improve the quality of the service provided in San Salvador, ensure the continuity of the water supply in the region and achieve a positive impact on rates. of water that affect the affordability of water. In addition, capacity building workshops will be held so that South Korea can share with the public institution of El Salvador its experience and best practices, its knowledge and lessons learned in the field of water resources management.

Through this cooperation, there is the potential to increase the affordability and availability of water within the area of ​​influence, improve resilience to climate change, reduce health illnesses among the affected population, and improve the water service provided in the region. by controlling and monitoring the efficiency of water resources. use.