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Deployment of an Integrated Public Safety Platform (IPSP) Pilot in the province of Santiago, Dominican Republic

Project details

  • Beneficiary country(s): Dominican Republic
  • Sector: Public Safety and Citizen Integrity
  • Year: 2022
  • Beneficiary Executing Agency:

    Ministry of Interior and Police

Project information


Crime is one of the gravest national public safety concerns. Various indicators suggest an ongoing challenge related to the continuing rise of crime within the country, especially in the Santiago province. In terms of violent and property crimes, Santiago is one of the top three provinces in the country with the highest rates. The social and economic costs of crime include the lower quality of life, loss of income related to decreased commercial activities, increased costs of security services incurred by the private sector, greater public spending on law enforcement and incarceration, health and victim services, and intangible costs associated to public well-being.


Develop a pilot initiative to establish an Integrated Public Safety Platform deploying security technologies within the province of Santiago.

Expected Results

A feasibility study on the Integrated Public Safety to support the deployment of a pilot and surveillance network for a selected area in the province of Santiago by leveraging AI technology. As well, as it is expected to significantly enhance public safety and response times of law enforcement and emergency management authorities.