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조달 절차

조달 절차

아래는 현재 공개되어 있는 KTF 사업의 조달 절차 내역입니다.

조달 입찰에 관심있는 기관 또는 사업체는 아래 링크로 접속하여 첨부 파일에서 상세 정보를 확인하시기 바랍니다.

정보는 영어로 제공됩니다

083 2021 Market Analysis and Regulatory Reform to support the Development of the Santiago de los Caballeros - Santo Domingo Rail Line


CABEI requires to enter into a contract with a Consulting Firm, which will be referred to in this document as the “Firm”, is to conduct a Market analysis of the demand for rail cargo and passenger service within the country as well as Regulatory analysis and governance structure assessment for the Santo Domingo Rail Line that can integrate and connect the Dominican Republic’s two most populous and productive cities, Santiago de los Caballeros (“Santiago”) and Santo Domingo, which together account for one third of the country’s total population, and to link these two urban areas with La Haina port.